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Greyhound Adoption California
Greyhound Adoption California is a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (1-800-366-1472).
Why Adopt From Us (pg 1)
Why Adopt From Us In Northern California, you have a choice of over a half dozen Greyhound Adoption Programs to adopt from. There can be significant differences from one program to another. Because adopting a Greyhound is such a significant commitment, you owe it to yourself to choose the program that provides the best opportunity for your adoption to be a success. The Greyhound Adoption California adoption process has been designed, using “Best Practices” from Adoption programs across the country. As one of the chapters of Greyhound Pets of America, the largest greyhound adoption organization in the US, we are continuously looking to improve. The adoption process at Greyhound Adoption California is based on the following features: * Pre-Adoption Education * Home Visit / Adopter Profile * Greyhound Health * Greyhound Fostering and Profile * Greyhound / Adopter Matching * Follow-up Care Pre-Adoption Education Retired racing greyhounds are unique in the canine world. Their heredity and the way they have been raised caused them to be the unique dogs they are. We want each potential adopter to take the time, before they adopt, to learn about retired racing greyhounds to fully understand the type of dog they will be adopting. This way, a potential adopter can be sure that a greyhound fits their expectations and lifestyle. This is why we ask every member of a potential adoptive family to read either “Adopting the Retired Racing Greyhound” by Cynthia Brannigan or "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" by Lee Livingood. These books provide an excellent overview of what it is like to have a greyhound in your home. More information is better than not having enough. Home Visit / Adopter Report Our home visit has several purposes. We continue the pre-adoption education with the home visit. There are typically questions that arise from reading the Brannigan or Livingood books that your Placement Representative will answer. Your Placement Rep will have information that they will present to you in person. The rep will also discuss with you any unique physical elements of your home that need attention. Such items as stairs, plate glass windows, pools and the presence or absence of a dog door require some extra understanding. At the home visit, we ask that all family members be present. Adopting a greyhound is a family affair, and each family member will have some involvement with the new family member. We want to get to know the whole family. Your Placement Rep will be asking about family and individual activities, hours at home and away, and activities outside the home, to develop a profile of the adoptive family. This profile will help us to match your family to an appropriate greyhound. Greyhound Health Our greyhounds come to us by way of various resources.  We will typically bring between 5 to 10 dogs up from our supplier a couple times a year. Before the dogs leave our suppliers, they will have been off the track for one to several weeks. During that time, each dog will have had its spay or neuter surgery and had a thorough dental examination. When the dogs arrive, they receive an examination by a local veterinarian. At that time, the vet will draw blood for a comprehensive blood analysis that looks at over 40 dimensions in the dog’s blood, including potential exposure to the common flea and tick born diseases. The dogs that we get but may have come through several other tracks and been exposed to different conditions or illnesses during their career. It is important that we check the health of every dog through a blood analysis, so that there are no hidden ailments or exposure to disease that are not apparent in the physical exams the greyhounds receive.