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Greyhound Adoption California
Greyhound Adoption California is a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (1-800-366-1472).
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What do greyhounds eat? During their racing careers, greyhounds are fed a high energy diet to help them perform at their peak. However, retired racers need only a high-quality dry dog food with a protein content of 20 to 26 percent to provide nutrition and to prevent weight gain. When you adopt a greyhound, it will be at "racing weight". Most will reach "pet weight" in about a month. This is usually a gain of 5 to 7 pounds. Give your greyhound 2  cups of food in the morning, and again in the evening (a bit more for the first month). Your greyhound should retain a sleek look; you should be able to feel its ribs but not see them. Some of the higher quality dog foods that we recommend are listed on our Links page. Do greyhounds have special medical needs? Some people assume that greyhounds, as an exotic breed, require extra care and special attention. This isn't true. Greyhounds don't require any special veterinary care. Greyhounds require only about one-fourth of the normal anesthetic, and are sensitive to certain flea medications. Barbiturates of any kind are not tolerated by these dogs and are usually fatal if used. Your veterinarian can call your placement representative for further information. Greyhounds are the only large breed of dog not plagued by hip dysplasia. Adopting a greyhound is a commitment. We strive to find the perfect dog for your home and lifestyle. We recommend researching the breed to determine if a greyhound is for you.. How do I find out about my Greyhound's racing history? To find out about your Greyhound's racing history, you must have both ear tattoo numbers. Once armed with these, contact Sharon with the National Greyhound Association via the email address nga@ngagrehounds.com with "Attention Sharon" in the subject. Sharon should respond with your Greyhound's Racing Name and with this, you can go to Greyhound Breed Database and choose the Dog Search link. Enter your pet's racing name as provided and if your Greyhound's records are online, they should pop up. If we have the all of the correct information (racing name and/or tattoo numbers) then we will flag your dog as being adopted by Greyhound Adoption California on the Greyhound Breed Database. It is also possible to post a picture of your adopted greyhound on this site. When you submit your request to Sharon, you can also request the name and address of your dog's registered owner and to have blue ownership transfer slips mailed to you. Once you have them, you can contact the current registered owner and have ownership transferred over to you. For a fee, the NGA will provide a "suitable for framing" certificate as well. . Where can I learn more about retired racing greyhounds? Numerous books have been written about retired greyhounds.  We highlight some that we recommend on our Links  page.